Wednesday, September 24, 2003

THROUGH THE NIGHT is one of my favourite Radio programmes and I keep it on even when I sleep.

BBC - Radio3 Classical Music - Through the Night: "Broadcast: Every night 01.00-07.00

Each night of the year, the BBC Classical Music Department supplies a service of classical music to broadcasting organisations around Europe, lasting for seven hours from 2300, outputting music and leaving predetermined silences for local announcements. "

Which leads to comedy on the night radio in Denmark when the two computers get out of synch..

"The digital technology for this ground-breaking initiative was pioneered by BBC Radio 3; distribution is by satellite via two streams - the English-language service for Radio 3 listeners (Through the Night) and the music-only stream (Euroclassic Notturno) for other countries.

"The music sequences are planned by Radio 3 producers in London, but the source material is provided from the archives and recorded concerts of member countries of the European Broadcasting Union - this is sent by satellite links to Broadcasting House for loading on to the servers which transmit the overnight service. "

Today I woke up in the middle of :-

04: 30 AM Vivaldi: Bassoon Concerto in A minor (RV.497)
Ivan Pristas (bassoon)
Camerata Slovacca
Viktor Malek (conductor)

which brought back such happy memories of my student bassoonist days in London. I went to the RICORDI shop in Regent street and found they were publishing a complete edition of VIVALDI including the scores of all 39 bassoon concertos which I promptly bought.

I then persuaded the shop to get all the solo parts from Editore Ricordi, Milano and I used to keep them in a pile for sight reading practice.

CASA RICORDI: "Benvenuti nel sito di Casa Ricordi."

I enjoyed the warm slovakian bassoon tone which was modern but light rather than a historical, thin and reedy sound, and with the excellent intonation it gave a truly vocal quality to the performance.

Worth buying if a CD edition can be found.

04: 45 AM Andrea Gabrieli: Sento un rumor
Chorus of Swiss-Italian Radio
Theatrum Instrumentorum
Stefano Innocenti (conductor)

Wonderful singing, and a musical description of a battle - with the voices joined by ad libitem deep natural trumpets and sackbuts.

The traditional trumpet in deep E flat was a communication device
of the battle field and reserved for the heralds of kings.
Lesser nobles had to make do with hunting horns.
Today walkie talkies and mobile phones are being supplanted by digital battle field management computerised communication systems.

A brilliant performance.

04: 50 AM Verdi: Overture - La Forza del destino
Orchestre du Conservatoire de Musique du Quebec
Raffi Armenian (conductor)

Out in the kitchen for breakfast - FranK Wright asked me to orchestrate this for brass band but I refused as I thought Verdi's concept of soaring violins would be travestied in the lower octave available on the cornets.
(to be continued)

This performance started well but failed to arouse my excitement and maintain my interest . . .

The Voice of Russia: St.Petersburg is 300 years old: "Russian art launched a long overdue 'dialogue' with European art."
I was rather slow getting going here, and I had composed several posts in my head but none got finished.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Welcome !

I started my SHORT professional career as a writer in the May 1960 isssue of the late RECORD REVIEW, and I think it is time to start writing reviews again.

This is not a daily blog but will be updated about once a week.

Hugh Watkins