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Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Critical eye: Mar 1: "Last week, David Sexton, the Evening Standard's literary editor, was moved to discourse on the foibles of reviewers; apparently some of them (shock, horror) don't read the whole book. He acknowledged some amusing defences - 'I never read a book before reviewing it; it prejudices a man so' - for instance, courtesy of Sydney Smith, but ended sternly: 'No shirking - and no skipping, please.'"

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Journal of nbruce (977) "Today’s Wall Street Journal (January 23, 2004) reviews the novel When Washington was in vogue (Amistad), a love story that includes conflicts between bourgeois blacks and traditional working class blacks of the 1920s. It was originally serialized anonymously in The Messenger and has been issued as a book for the first time."

Thursday, January 22, 2004

By James Lee Burke.
Simon & Schuster

I had to finish reading this book about the US Civil War in a hurry because when I telephoned my local branch library (in Chelmsley Wood, Solihull,) to renew it, I was told that there was a waiting list.

The writer, James Lee Burke, is well known for his 12 published detective stories and his prose was fluent and easy to read but I hardly like reading about civilisation at its lowest ebb.

The scenes are beautifully set and the period detail seemed to be authentic, but the sordid facts of violence. prostitution, rape, dead children, horrible planters and white trash overseers, and slavery, did not make an enjoyable read.

In reality the gruesomeness and aftermath of war is all too well known to me, but with a brilliant director this book could be an Oscar winning film in the style of Mississipi Burning - which I have always refused to see because of the inhumanity of the subject.

Burke wrote a quaint epilogue telling the reader what happened to the characters, a bit silly really, beacause he should have written a sequel, or even a trilology, not that I would read it or them, but as part of the business of writing for a living, it would seem to be a good commercial idea.

Hugh Watkins
THE DANISH INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS - EU-Forum General information - Restaurants

the danes who THINK they can write english

"The Josty Hotel is one of Copenhagen's few historical restaurants. Founded in 1813 by the Italian sculptor Agostiono Taddei and since then it has been gently restored. The Josty has a very distinguished menu with many culinary possibilities."

would be a good advanced exercise for studentetolk (student translators) to rewrite this in good english

which is why I neglect written Danish although I have geen speaking and reaing Danish for 20 years.
I would need to take a Cand. Mag (Master of Arts in Danish) to be nearly good enough
The above looks like english but whoever wrote it has a tin ear.

Hugh Watkins

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | Kilroy quits: Your views: "I am greatly saddened that Kilroy will no longer be entertaining me each morning with his ability to tackle difficult subjects with impartiality, strength and compassion. You only have to watch one of his shows to see that this gentleman is not a racist."

I just don't switch on my TV in the mornings anymore

Hugh W
The post below ended in the wrong BLOG
since then Kilroy Silk has resigned from the BBC

The Washington Dispatch - Opinion: "It is an unfortunate truth of history that on September 11th 2001, Arabs danced in the streets on hearing of the destruction of the World Trade Center. Men slapped each other on the back. Adults passed candy out to kids. The murder of 3,000 people was treated as a cause for celebration, like winning a soccer match.

On January 9th, a British talkshow host, Robert Kilroy-Silk, was suspended for pointing out not only that Arabs did that, but that Arabs also carried out the attacks, in an article for the following weekend’s Sunday Express.

The Arab and Islamist lobbies will make short work of Kilroy-Silk, formerly a Labour MP. Silk is not above reproach, having written the same article for the same column about nine months ago. However, the example that the BBC will make of him out of fear of being branded ‘racists’, is a perfect example of aggressive lobbying by special interest groups without any interest in anything other than their own advancement.

The cheerleader for Kilroy-Silk’s ostracism is Inayat Bunglawala of the Muslim Council of Great Britain. There is not, to my knowledge, any Protestant or Catholic Councils of Great Britain, but hey, whatever. Bunglawala is an ever-present professional Muslim, whose soft tones belie the fact that his aim is the advancement of the religion of Islam in secular societies. Like the more overt and aggressive Omar Bakri Mohammed of al-Muhajiroun and Abu Hamza al-Masri of the Society for Sharia, he is able to use westerners’ fear of ‘The Other’ to promote his own agenda. His agenda now includes dictating the content of programming provided by taxpayers for their own information and entertainment.
By James Lee Burke.
Simon & Schuster

I had to finish reading this book in a hurry because when I telephoned the Chelmsley Wood branch library to renew it, I was told that there was a waiting list.

The writer, James Lee Burke, was well known for his 12 published detective stories and his prose was fluent and easy to read but I hardly like reading about civilisation at its lowest ebb .

The scenes are beautifully set and the period detail looks to be authentic, but the sordid facts of violence. prostitution, rape, dead children, horrible planters and white trash overseers and slavery did not make for an enjoyable read.

The gruesomeness of war is all too well known to me in reality.
With a brilliant director it will make an Oscar winning film in the style of Mississipi Burning - which i have always refused to see because of the subject of mens inhumanity to each other.

Burke wrote a quaint epilogue telling the reader what happened to the characters, bit silly really he should have written a sequel, or even a trilology, not that I would read it or them, but as part of the business of writing for a living it would seem to be a good commercial idea.

Hugh Watkins

Thursday, January 15, 2004 - 'White Doves at Morning' by James Lee Burke: "JAMES Lee Burke's loyal readers will find the same qualities they so admire in his crime novels -- strong, troubled characters, compelling stories and richly atmospheric prose -- in the author's first foray into historical fiction. "

Not finished reading it yet
but I like it !

Hugh Watkins

By James Lee Burke.
Simon & Schuster,

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

News: "The only other changes made to the article when it appeared last week were purely grammatical. On Friday, the Sunday Express confirmed it had rewritten the article 'during the Christmas period'.
However, a source at the Express described the mood on Saturday as 'upbeat and very determined'.
'It's not as dramatic as expected. We're not suicidal, no heads are rolling. The view is very much that this is a man who speaks his mind and that's why he is good on television,' he added."
News: "Complaints were made and the article referred to the police by the Commission for Racial Equality.
But when the piece originally ran, last April during the Iraq War, the phrase 'Arab countries' was used instead of 'Arabs', and no complaints were received. And yesterday the CRE said that they would not have objected to the piece if it still referred to 'Arab countries'. 'That would have been different,' a spokeswoman for the CRE said. 'Our decision was based on whether we thought it would incite racial hatred. We don't want to censor people criticising countries.'"
Google Search: kilroy: "BBC1 viewing figures went up on Monday when Kilroy was taken off air,
it was revealed yesterday. Robert Kilroy-Silk's daily discussion ... "

So KILROY is the next BENNY HILL to be slaughtered

Monday, January 12, 2004

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Breakfast | Contact us: "Here on Breakfast, we're always keen to hear from you "
700am got through to BBC
after my light breakfast and a second pint glass of twinings earl grey tea - the weather is warm so my air bath was not cold, fresh wind from north or NW so the aircraft taking off from BHX are climbing steeply out past my kitchen

Storm warnings ahead
"Robert Kilroy-Silk


0606am number busy

Hugh Watkins
Google Search: sharia amputation

Searched pages from for sharia amputation. Results 1 - 100 of about 203. Search took 0.11 seconds

BBC News | AFRICA | Hand amputation in Nigeria: "The authorities in the Nigerian north-western state of Sokoto have amputated the right hand of a 30-year-old man as punishment for stealing a goat, worth about $40.
This is the third such amputation to take place since 11 states in northern Nigeria began introducing strict punishments based on Islamic Sharia law two years ago. "

Capital punishment - Al Mashriq: "Capital punishment under Sharia Law.
During a stay in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the early 1950's, Uthman el Kadi took these photographs of the implementation of Sharia Law with regard to crimes punished by amputation and decapitation.
Note: These photographs are published as historical documentation."

only a few100 years ago public execution was normal in England too, and slavery in our colonies
Google Search:: more from Robert Kilroy-Silk: that *career-killing article* in full... :

"What do they think we feel about them? That we adore them for the way they
murdered more than 3,000 civilians on September 11 and then danced in the
hot, dusty streets to celebrate the murders?

That we admire them for the cold-blooded killings in Mombasa, Yemen and
elsewhere? That we admire them for being suicide bombers, limb-amputators,
women repressors? I don't think the Arab states should start a debate about
what is really loathsome."

Google Search: cliterectomy

Google Search: cliterectomy: "'Our' women? 'OUR' women? Does your claim of ownership of 500,000,000
women all over the world have any legal basis? Do the women know they
are owned? Do you have their permission to speak on their behalf? Or
haven't you bothered to find out what these women actually think and

And what is the basis of this ownership? Are you saying that these
women's religious identity is superior to their national identity? In
which case, why are you living in the west?

I've known quite a few Muslim women (I was married to a woman from a
Muslim family for a few years). I've read what many Muslim women have
to say, in newspapers and books. I've seen and heard Muslim women
being interviewed on TV and radio. The part of the world in which I
live has a large and diverse Muslim population. I think I have as good
an idea of Muslim women's opinion on this subject as any non-Muslim
westerner can have.

I have come across some who say they prefer to wear the veil, and the
reason they give is always the same - that it is preferable to the
male stares, taunts and even violence they would have to put up with
otherwise. They wear it with a sort of grudging acceptance of
unwelcome fate, because they think nothing will change.

But as far as I can make out the overwhelming majority of Muslim women
utterly detest chadors and burkhas, and wear them because they feel
forced into doing so. Even in Afghanistan, where thanks to the Taliban
education for women is as low as anywhere in the world, every single
woman I have ever seen interviewed on burkhas has said she is
desperate to take them off, but is too frightened to do so.
Google Search: infibulation

Fran P. Hosken

Presented at The First International Symposium on Circumcision, Anaheim, California, March 1-2, 1989.

Female genital mutilation - the descriptive term for the different types of operations are 'excision' and 'infibulation' - continues to be practiced in large regions of Africa, from the Red Sea Coast to the shores of the Atlantic. According to a conservative estimate, at least 84 [110] million women and girls are mutilated today in Continental Africa and similar operations are practiced along the Persian Gulf and the southern part of the Arab Peninsula. In Indonesia and Malaysia, less drastic forms of 'female circumcision' are practiced by some of the Moslem populations of this region and sporadic occurrences have been registered among other mainly Moslem groups. "

Infibulation or pharaonic circumcision (excision with infibulation) means that the entire clitoris and the labia minora are cut away and the two sides of the labia majora are partially sliced off or scraped raw and then sewn together, often with catgut. In Sudan and Somalia, thorns are used to hold the two bleeding sides of the vulva together, or a paste of gum arabic, sugar and egg is used. The introitus or entrance to the vagina is thus obliterated which is the purpose of the operation, except for a tiny opening in the back to allow urine, and later menstrual blood, to drain. The legs of the girl are tied together immediately after the operation, and she is immobilized for several weeks until the wound of the vulva has closed, except for a small opening that is created by inserting a splinter of wood or bamboo.

The mortality of girls and women due to all these operations no doubt is high; but no records are kept anywhere. Primary fatalities are not recorded and death in childbirth due to obstructed labor is never related to genital operations anywhere. But the terrible psychological trauma that is lifelong has never been investigated from a woman's view.

The objective of infibulation is to make sexual intercourse impossible. At present, infibulation is practiced mostly by Moslems, according to all available sources, because of the importance and value they attach to virginity. Infibulation is performed to guarantee that a bride is intact - the smaller her opening, the higher the bride price. A girl is often inspected by the female relatives of the husband-to-be before the bride price is paid. The bride price, whereby the husband or his father pays the father of the girl a considerable sum in cash or kind, is still a marriage requirement almost everywhere in Africa and the Middle East.

the sort of knowledge I wish I did not have

Google Search: Symposium Circumcision,
i was circumcised for medical reasons under a general anesthetic

all those jewish boy babies and 7 or 8 year old moslem boys had no anesthetic
The Three Zones of Penile Skin: "These five photographs show the three zones of skin on a normal, intact (non-circumcised) adult penis: "

Google Search: Wounds Infant Circumcision

Long-Term Consequences of Neonatal Circumcision: "Most non-intact males, erroneously believing circumcision is a universal practice, may not feel that circumcision has left them with a diminished penis because they have no means by which to compare their experience. Among respondents, however, the heightened awareness of the adverse consequences of neonatal circumcision led to a firm conviction that the practice was a violation of their human rights to physical integrity, and self-determination, i.e., body ownership. Nearly half (49.5%) of respondents indicated feelings of violation. Over 60% of respondents felt their human rights had been violated by neonatal circumcision. Such feeling increased with the age of the respondent."

Circumcision in Islam: "Circumcision is a universal practice which is greatly influenced by cultural and religious traditions, especially of the Moslems and Jews. It is the most frequent operation on males not only in Islamic countries, but also other parts of the world. For example, in the United States of America more than one million male infants are circumcised each year. The performance of circumcision is one of the rules of cleanliness in Islam. It is reported by Abu Hurairah that the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) mentioned: "

Circumcision in Islam: "The Islamic scholar Al-Mawardi said, 'The ideal method is to remove the skin completely from the beginning of the glens, and the minimum condition is that nothing is left to cover the end of the glens'. The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) recommended performing circumcision at an early age. Al-Mawardi stated that the chosen time is the 7th day after birth, but it can be carried out up to 40 days after birth or thereafter until the age of 7 years, depending upon the health of the infant or child at the time. "

ISLAM AND FEMALE CIRCUMCISION: "Permitting such a ritual constitutes an act of tolerance by Islamic law for pre-Islamic practices, and may be overruled by the Islamic prohibition against harmful acts."

ISLAM AND FEMALE CIRCUMCISION: " If the Islamic law does not mandate female genital mutilation and tolerates only the most mild form of circumcision (and that only if it produces no adverse effects in the child), then how does it come about that so many people from certain countries with large Muslim populations insist that savage acts which exceed these limits are not only permitted, but required by Islamic law? The answer becomes obvious when one realizes that Christians from many of these countries also insist that the tradition is mandated by their religion as well. People often confuse traditions rooted in local culture with religious requirements.
Immigrants from such countries now residing in the United States stand between the culture of their heritage and the American culture of their environment. They cannot and should not be expected to abandon their religion. There should be no doubt, however, that the young amongst them, at least, will be willing to abandon old-world cultural practices at odds with their adopted culture when such practices are unsupported by religion. (This is because they carry no cultural bias towards such practices. On the contrary, they may absorb biases against them from their adopted culture.)
For Muslims, cliterodectomy and infibulation should be considered har�m (prohibited) practices and opposition to it should be part of our ongoing mandate to fight against superstition and oppression. As to the mildest form of female circumcision, the risks to the girl's future ability to enjoy sexual relations with her husband must place it at best in the category of makr�h (disliked) practices. Since it has neither hygienic nor religious value, there is no justification for Muslims to engage in this painful and potentially harmful practice and it would be best to avoid it completely. "

Google Search:Subject: Robert Kilroy-Silk: that *career-killing article* in full... :

it ends

"And then they expect us to be careful of their sensibilities? We have
thousands of asylum seekers from Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen,
Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries living happily in this country on
social security. This shows what their own people think of the Arab regimes,
doesn't it? There is not one single British asylum seeker in any Arab
country. That says it all about which country deserves the epithet
the storm is dying down
0954 could get through to the call centre again

TRISHA is horrible
and what good are gardening programmes to me in this seventh floor flat

Hugh Watkins

Storm in a BBC teacup

Google Groups: View Thread "Kilroy-Silk/ Anne Robinson"


Robert Kilroy-Silk attacks the Arabs - he is immediately suspended
from his £2 million chat-show.

Anne Robinson makes racist comments against the Welsh - her show is
proudly and defiantly repeated twice against the advice of the Race
Relations Board [Incidentally, the last repeat was not shown in

What a funny world we live in.
Google Groups: View Thread "OT: In Memoriam. On the Death of a Media Career": "> It's slightly odd that. Apparently the Muslim Council of Great Britain
> are very upset about his sweeping statements about Arab countries.
> They didn't seem bothered by Ms Robinson's comments about Wales.
> Yet surely British Muslims live in Wales, and don't live in the Middle
> East.
Arbut, she was rude about the Welsh, and British Muslims are British,
not Welsh, so it doesn't matter."

BBC call centre is engaged TELEPHONE STORM as the Danes call it

Robert Kilroy-Silk : Television For A Generation: "Robert Kilroy-Silk is a godlike figure of a man. Every morning at 9AM on BBC1 he has a talkshow called 'Kilroy'. His introductions to the show are unique.
Instead of telling the viewer what the subject of the show is, he lures them in by posing a few questions. Usually two questions, pasted together to create more questions inside your head. Often they bear no relevance to the show, but Robert doesn't seem to care. He carries on regardless."

make your feelings known
Google Search: kilroy
But why is the original text not on the web ?
BBC - BBC ONE - Listings: "Monday 12 January

afternoon | evening

6:00 am

9:30 am
Garden Invaders

10:00 am
To Buy Or Not To Buy

11:00 am
Big Strong Boys

11:30 am
Trading Up"

and where is KILROY ?
one missing word SOME
and 18 years loyal service counts for nothing

Google Search: kilroy

BBC - Press Office - Statement on Kilroy: "

BBC press statement on Kilroy/Sunday Express article
The BBC strongly disassociates itself from the views expressed in an article by Robert Kilroy-Silk in The Sunday Express of 4 January 2004.

We stress that these comments do not reflect the views of the BBC.
The BBC is taking the Kilroy programme off air immediately while we investigate this matter fully.
Notes to Editors
From Monday 12 January 2004 BBC ONE Daytime will broadcast an extended half-hour of BBC Breakfast (from 9.00-9.30am)."

Google Search: kilroy

DeadBrain - Kilroy apologises for being irritating talk show host: "Kilroy apologises for being irritating talk show host"

: "However, as I am sure you know, every culture in the world (both Muslim and non-Muslim) has traditional prejudices, teachings and traditions within it that do not sit well with modern understandings of freedom and human rights.

As you know, all the major schools of Shari�ah agree that adult male apostates from Islam should be put to death, their marriages annulled, and their children and property taken away.

This tradition is upheld and taught by most Muslim religious leaders around the world today. In countries like Iran, Sudan and Saudi Arabia the death sentence for leaving Islam is actually part of the law.

In various countries converts have faced imprisonment, death threats, torture and beatings because of their faith, some die in prison, others disappear, others have been officially executed specifically for apostasy. Even in more moderate Muslim countries, and Western nations where Muslims are a minority, converts may still face widespread hostility and aggression from their own families and communities.

Such harsh treatment stands in sharp contrast with international human rights standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which respectively affirm the right of the individual to change and to adopt a religion without fear of persecution. I am deeply aware that Islam is a very diverse religion, and that today many moderate Muslims are increasingly calling for a new ijtihad and a reformation of the Shariah to completely remove the traditional punishments for apostasy. I want to support these calls."

Google Search: "Iqbal Sacranie"

Google Search: kilroy express -"was here"

Daily and Sunday Express



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The Marsh Agency

if you could be so lucky !
68 today

and I like Monsters Inc. film - and the playstation game too

The Crash of Hennington
Patrick Ness

good novel Google Search: the Crash of Hennington

The Marsh Agency - Author information: "Author information

Patrick Ness
Represented by: Michelle Kass Associates
Titles Handled by The Marsh Agency
THE CRASH OF HENNINGTON published:20/1/2003"

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Make a new
year's resolution to share your family history information with other genealogists

because your family is bigger than you know

Happy New Year

Hugh Watkins