Wednesday, April 28, 2004

After local news just turned the TV off


19:30 Performance on 3

BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall.

Omaggio - A Celebration of Luciano Berio

The BBCSO pays homage to Berio with his best-known work,
Sinfonia. Scored for 8 voices and orchestra,
the many references include a tribute to the memory of Martin Luther King.

Alongside another large orchestral work Ekphrasis
- "a musical metaphor for architecture" as Berio called it -
is one of his last works, the Piano Sonata of 2001.

Presented by Sarah Walker. < - - vanilla RP

BBC Symphony Orchestra
Jukka-Pekka Saraste (conductor)

Berio: Ekphrasis << I love ths stuff

I prepared myself for 12 note music back in the 1960ies by studying WEBERN

I got the complete workd on two LPs
and listened to it as background to daily life until completely familier with it.

The key work was the Bach orchestration
I was a brilliant orchestrator rather than a composer
. I studied this as part of the background to my studies of conducting.
When I read a score I know the fingering of all the wind instruments
and can exactly hear the klang of each note.

My knowledge of stings is broader
I know about the positions on the violin but cannot demonstrate them

The bow is the breath of the violin - what makes it sing.

again in private I have experimented an know the sounds produced.
AS a wind player I have hard some good orchestra's from within
and see how conductors like Barbarolli work.

I was really over-educated for Denmark
so prefered to be a taxi driver than listen to all those wrong notes as a teacher.
To big a job to reform their system :-(

great performance

Berio: Piano Sonata
Andrea Lucchesini (piano) <<< as I write he is playing brilliantly with understanding and passion.

back in the sixties the ignorant dismissed this as wrong note music
and in the hands of a bad performer or orchestra it was too ;-))

Berio: Contrapunctus XIX (from Bach's Art of Fugue)<< new to me - pausing the blog
========00 back 00===========
A disaster - bad intonation in the brass - and higher woodwinds?
Probably got cold waitng so long or the whole under-rehearsed - not as easy as it looks - like Mozart.

the solo strings had that warm London sopund but were over miked up - sounded intimate whan the brass sounded distant

I CANNOT STAND BAD INTONATION SO WENT OUT to the toilet and to the kitchen - fixed my lunch
missed the interval chat

I upset a recording engineer called stag back in my Record Review days
commenting liike this on the difference in accoustic betwen clainets and brass in a militray band LP

the editor published his letter the next month
under the header A STAG AT BAY

Berio brilliant as ever ended the unfinished work of Bach
with a long sustained disonance like a ciphering organ.

(if I was conducting I would have ended THAT like dying back pipes gliss. dim..)

Berio: Sinfonia
Synergy Vocals

brilliant but the audience thought is was over
this segue caught them out

Synergy Vocals~

Curiosity in a deep deep sense is - Berio --- I miss you

after that the BBC coninues with a Bocharini cello conceerto
both TV and Radio off here

a distant smell of spicy cooking (my kitchen - rice with chinese 5 spice - steak and cauliflower florets)

Bitesize revision

Don't just take exams, take them on with confidence: BBC Bitesize.
<< my typical late night viewing on BBC - I run it as background fo a mental refresher while I am on the web and writing

next TV Leno 100pm then Letterman about 200 am
bed at 400am

Monday, April 26, 2004

Google Search: traudl junge

Hitler's War

I feel sorry for David Irving with his untenable position.

Bis zur letzten Stunde. Hitlers Sekretärin erzählt ihr Leben. [RESTEXEMPLAR]
von Traudl Junge, Melissa Müller
is remainderd I see [RESTEXEMPLAR]

I have just read the book in english - I was tempted by a book club offfer - but ordered it from my local library instead.

I ws very moved by the human side of one of the great losers of all time - no Traudl who wa just a naive secretary bird , but her boss.

Google image Search: traudl junge

Guardian Unlimited Film | Now Showing | Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary a filmed interview owned by Sony

>> This documentary has a huge historical significance since it's virtually untouched by the filmmakers, who merely assemble raw footage without any frills. It should be seen in a cinema for two reasons: There are no distractions, and it's a communal experience worth seeing with a group. All we see on screen is a woman in her 80s reminiscing about her experiences in the 1940s. <<

Shadows on the Wall: ART FILM REVIEWS 2003

Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary
Traudl Junge, Melissa Muller (Editor)

Hardcover 272 pages (September 25, 2003)
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicholson
ISBN: 0297847201

I do think eye witness accounts are essential reading however uncomfortable.

Hugh Watkins
Learning about blogging

need to republish now and again
to clear out garbage