Saturday, May 15, 2004

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Ukraine celebrates Eurovision win: "Ukraine celebrates Eurovision win

Ruslana's high tempo song impressed Europe
Ukraine has won the 2004 Eurovision song contest in Istanbul, Turkey - only the second time the country has taken part in the competition.
Ruslana, a successful singer, producer, dancer and composer in her home country, won for her song Wild Dance.
Contest debutants Serbia and Montenegro were second, with Greece third. The UK's James Fox took 16th spot. "

I must be mad to watch this nearly every year

1. Ukraine 280 points
2. Serbia and Montenegro 263 points
3. Greece 252 points
4. Turkey 195 points
5. Cyprus and Sweden 170 points

For the first time in its 49-year history, the winner of Saturday's final will be decided solely by public vote. ---

but WOGAN makes it worth while

British TV host Terry Wogan, who was commenting on the contest for the BBC, said the "biased" voting was worse than ever.

He said: "Someone has got to stop this. The European Broadcasting Union has to take a hand."

Terry is a charmer, but there has been some hurt feelings about his reported comment that every entry this year was "crap". His response?

He paused. That's rare. He blathered. Not so rare. And in the end he came clean with his honest opinion "Who is suggesting that these songs are not crap?"

Ah it's easy to mock. And, let's face it, such fun.

Terry Wogan comment in Denmark "look its Dr Death and the Tooth Fairy"

"Every year you think, it can't get any worse...." quotes

I darank gin to get me through it !



Wednesday, May 05, 2004

AOL UK to offer cut-price broadband | The Register:

"Research carried out by AOL UK - which reckons it is the UK's fourth largest broadband ISP behind BT, Telewest and NTL - suggests that UK punters are confused about the different price offers and caps introduced by rival operators. 'We want to introduce some clarity into the market,' said the spokesman.

Although AOL UK remains tight-lipped about its plans, it seems that a product could be available within the next month or so. AOL UK's broadband service costs from £27.99 a month, while recently a number of sub-£20 a month offers have hit the market"

but those seem to be capped
at about 1 mega a month

then AOL has unlimite 0800 help

so I'm hangin' in for a whilr yet
bin thinkin' about a move