Thursday, September 30, 2004

"Shoebox Zoo" (2004) cast list

Google Search: "shoebox zoo"

It is on her 11th birthday that Vivien's character Marnie is given a present from the mythical Scottish alchemist Michael Scott, played by Peter Mullan (The Magdalene Sisters, Orphans, My Name is Joe), which will inevitably change her life forever.

The essential elements which make up the shoebox are the wonderful carved Celtic animals which come to life and help Marnie on her epic quest.

The series - developed over the last 16 months by CBBC Scotland, Blueprint Entertainment and Scottish writer Brian Ward - is a joint production between CBBC Scotland, Blueprint Entertainment, CBC, BBC Canada and UK Treaty.

It starts filming in Edinburgh this week. I thought I recognised the locations.

It will air in the UK and Canada in autumn 2004 and subsequent international sales may follow.

A full length feature version of Shoebox Zoo is also in development.

Scottish writer Brian Ward became co-creator after he was approached by Claire Mundell and Justin Molotnikov and became a key part of the three-way team who created Shoebox Zoo.
<< edited from BBC Press releases Google Search: "shoebox zoo"

It had a lot of big elements, including: live action, drama, CGI animation, special effects and grand locations, which all add to the cost."
< < screenbiz television and good enough to turn on the suround sound.

Canadian newcomer Vivien Endicott-Douglas plays Marnie. The 13 year old impressed her co-stars, with Peter Mullan saying she reminded him of a young Jodie Foster


Alberta Filmworks - Official Website 2003

Shoebox Zoo was on BBC1 at 4:35pm on September 21st and at 4:30 on September 26th.
which I missed :-(
but it is running daily on FreeView on CBBC at 630pm which draws me away from BBC West Midland News
unfortunately the number of the instalments are not in Radio Times so I do not know what I have missed.

Why is a 68 year old watching this ?
Well as a boy hood puppeteer I see it as being in the same class as the Muppets
which I followed from day one - to the consternation of those near to me - the writing, humour and music has a long way to go and the fur texture looks like plastic or egyptian varnished wood.

one candidate Elliott Animation Inc. Toronto ?

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Radio Times - The best thing on TV, Film and Radio.: "2004 BBC Worldwide Ltd.
The Radio Times word mark and logo are trademarks of BBC Worldwide Ltd."

I get confused by Google Search: "radio times" which is the real Radio Tims?

Cuttings Archive: Radio Times Covers: "The Doctor Who Cuttings Archive
- 40 Years of Doctor Who in newspapers magazines and listings"

Readers' letters are to
AHA for the latest schedule changes,

well my point being I still find the paper version the best way of planning what to view and get it religiously each Thursday, but I need to use three clothes pegs as bookmarks for quick access to pages for film tv radio - especally radio 3.

In the issue of 14-18 SEPTEMBER 2004

Kiss of the Dragon (2001)

Radio Times Rating ****
Director Chris Nahon Starring Jet Li & Bridget Fonda
Running Time 97mins Country of Origin Fr / US

WUSHU is mentioned as the latest fashion in the martial arts and Jet Li, the superstar, as heir to Jackie Chan - not really my cup of tea - I enjoy the Hong Kong films when they get silly with impossible stunts and above all the take outs - where it really hurts!

starting with Once upon a Time in China (1991)
> Wong Fei-Hung (1847-1924) was one of the undisputed masters of such kung fu techniques as the no-shadow kick and drunken boxing. He was already a cult figure in pulp fiction before his exploits finally reached the screen in the late 1940s<< Radio Times - search Jet Li

Hero (2002)

I liked him as a villain in Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)
> but the most notable new addition is Jet Li, the Hong Kong action star whose awesome fighting skills leave the rest of the cast looking rather ungainly<

better than as a hero in Kiss of the Dragon (2001)

> . . . . nothing more than highlight a breathtaking array of dazzling martial-arts sequences — but it's more than enough. All choreographed by Li's long-time collaborator Cory Yuen, the visceral kung-fu and kickboxing on show here are the finest seen on screen since the classic glory days of Bruce Lee<

I am sorry that violence is the new ballet, but I like to keep up with the genres and watch any old film at bed time after I shut down the 'puter.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Got bad breath? Now your phone can tell you before your friends do - ZDNet UK News: "

Siemens Mobile is developing the first mobile phone that will alert people when their breath stinks, the company said on Tuesday.
The phone will use a tiny chip measuring less than 1mm to detect unpleasant odours, a representative of the German tech giant said. A research team in Munich is developing the device using new sensor technology. 'It examines the air in the immediate vicinity for anything from bad breath and alcohol to atmospheric gas levels,' the representative said. 'Some people take smelling good rather seriously.' "

and ALCOHOL too?
Woke up with a cramp in my left thigh at 200 am
- zapped the TV and Dr Phil was advising David Letterman on how to be a father - with his latest book fluttering with bookmarks like prayer flags at a tibetan monastery.

Dr Phil: "Have you married the mother yet?" . . . .

and the discussion led to the idea of Dr Phil officiating live at a marriage ceremony on the Oprah Winfrey show - " a sort of chat show super bowl" replied David


Oprah Winfrey - from blogger spell checker, replace Winfrey with - infer

- now with broadband that spell checker works quickly and well :-)

Sunday, September 19, 2004

My Blogs


  • This is my oldest blog and I use this for news and notes about my site
    Danish Census and Church Books, other sites, and my daily surfing of the net.
    The blog has been rightly criticised as chaotic but googling will discover some pearls.

  • Exploring Rootsweb

  • I spent a lot of time administering message boards and will build up a guide to Rootsweb.

  • Exploring Ancestry dot com and co uk

  • I log on here nearly every day to surf the census and do look ups for myself and friends, and it is so big that a guide is needed to the many databases.

  • Getting to know AOL

  • America Online has become my favourite ISP in UK and I use AOL for chat and as a BBS.

  • Viking

  • This will eventually include a viking novel in public first draft, but also has stuff about modern Denmark.

  • 1805

  • This started as a project to translate selected pages of the diary of Hans Christian Andersen but he was born the same year that Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson died and I am comparing what UK and DK will celebrate in their 2005 bicentenary .

  • Memories

  • I am living history because I was born in 1936.

  • Hugh's Review of Reviews

  • My first success as a freelancee journalist was in the UK national monthly magazine Record Review in 1960, and I enjoy being critical and analytical.
    I stopped because of a conflict of interest between my writing and my musical careers.
    Now I have retired as a musician and recommenced my career as a writer, I have decided to self-publish in the blogsphere rather than on paper.
    I have looked over the family history market but I see it dominated by far more experienced genealogists than myself.

  • Hugh's Bloog

  • This is about blogging - and other silly stuff like my health and web oddities.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

11 films on 9/11 give a global perspective: "For a new perspective on Sept. 11, ask an Afghan child living in a refugee camp in Iran, a West African boy with an ill mother or an Israeli journalist trying to get airtime for a suicide bombing at the same time as the World Trade Center attacks."
Google Search: "11 films"

How could I have missed this?
Sveriges Television

just zapped 2230
into one of 11 short films about September 11
in Arabic - really spooky
the director from Iran Samira Makhmalbaf
a Palestinian viewpoint

Sv 2

21.15 11 september
22.00 11'09'01 - September 11
SVT Text på internet

SVT2 lördag 11 september kl 22.00

11'09'01 - September 11

Episodfilm från 2002 om terroristattacken i New York 11/9 2001.

Elva kända filmpersonligheter fick göra varsin kortfilm som beskriver effekten av händelsen i olika delar av världen.

Regissörer: Samira Makhmalbaf (Iran),
Claude Lelouch (Frankrike),
Youssef Chahine (Egypten),
Danis Tanovic (Bosnien-Hercegovina)
Idrissa Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso).

Övriga regissörer:
Ken Loach (Storbritannien)
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Mexico),
Amos Gitai (Israel), Mira Nair (Indien),
Sean Penn (USA)
och Shohei Imamura (Japan).

Index 600 Tv-guide 650 Innehåll 700

what a day
I am always sad these days after seeing it all on happen TV
and I was alone home.

Mrs Google news said "Did you mean: belsen"

no Beslan

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Charles Ives Three Places in New England Notes one of my all time favourite pieces of music especially the second movement

ii. Putnam's Camp

Ives wrote the following program notes to this movement:

Near Redding Center, Conn., is a small park preserved as a Revolutionary Memorial; for here General Israel Putnam's soldiers had their winter quarters in 1778-1779. Low rows of stone camp fireplaces still remain to stir a child's imagination. The hardships which the soldiers endured, and the agitation, of a few hot-heads, to break camp and march to the Hartford Assembly for relief, is part of Redding history.

Once upon a "4th of July," some time ago, so the story goes, a child went here on a picnic, held under the auspices of the first Church and the Village Cornet Band. Wandering away from the rest of the children past the camp ground into the woods, he hopes to catch a glimpse of some of the old soldiers. As he rests on the hillside of laurels and hickories the tunes of the band and the songs of the children grow fainter and fainter; --when-"mirabile dictu"--over the trees on the crest of the hill he sees a tall woman standing. She reminds him of a picture he has of the Goddess Liberty, --but the face is sorrowful--she is pleading with the soldiers not to forget their "cause" and the great sacrifices they have made for it. But they march out of camp with fife and drum to a popular tune of the day. Suddenly, a new national note is heard. Putnam is coming over the hills from the center,-the soldiers turn back and cheer. --The little boy awakes, he hears the children's songs and runs down past the monument to "listen to the band" and join in the games and dances.


"During the terrible winter of 1778-79, many Connecticut troops sheltered in the woods and fields near Redding, Connecticut, thereafter called, 'Putnam's Valley Forge.' Connecticut anad New Hampshire men remained firm in the mud and stone cabins in spite of misery, hunger, fierce cold, and despair because of the stern example of their commander. Since then, the place has been called 'Putnam's Camp Ground.' "
Google Search: Michail GLINKA, Trio pathétique. 1804 - 1857,

On the radio played by Esbjerg Ensemble or Det Jyske Ensemble

some really great bassoon playing but by whom?
or was it
"Embla" (Clarinet/bassoon/piano);

BNBC highlights of a Danish Radio competition for young chamber groups held in February, 2004

02: 10 AM Mendelssohn: Concert piece No. 1 (Op.113) in F minor
02: 20 AM Glinka:

DRs Kammermusik Konkurrence 2004

Bente Stenger Gram, klarinet
Christina Andersen, fagot
Berit Juul Rasmussen, klaver


googled Embla site:dk fagot
BBC - Proms - About Music: André Previn, Violin Concerto "Anne-Sophie"

1 Moderato
2 Cadenza – Slowly
3 Andante:‘From a train in Germany’
André Previn composed his Violin Concerto for Anne-Sophie Mutter on a commission from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, writing it over the course of four months, completing it in October 2001, and leading the premiere with Mutter and the BSO on 14 March 2002 in Symphony Hall, Boston.

<< I heard this on the radio - the playing and the melodic line were wonderful, but I felt the orchestral accompaniment was far too pianistic in texture. My old teacher Frank Rendell, bassoon, used to say about Benjamin Britten,
that his music was not really original but full of bits of other composers.
I must be getting old too because I felt the same about this concerto, and some clarinet arpeggios made me think of Britten

Friday, September 03, 2004 Forum :: View topic - JANET KAY and husband GEORGE TITSWORTH ARE **IN JAIL**

Harrison and Company
never never fall for this kind of web site

apologize that only an email address is available for initial contact, but I gave my word to our local Post Master that I would do my best to screen out contacts and not flood his little post office with more mail than either of us wanted to handle.

You see, I live and work on an island – a small key in the Gulf of Mexico. This resort community is gated, limiting the number of vehicles than can come and go. To keep down the truck traffic US Mail, UPS, FedEx, etc. packages and letters are all delivered to one set point which is manned by an employee of the Property Owners’ Association. Individuals and businesses have to pick up their mail at this distribution point – where mail is kept on open shelves in boxes.

no snail mail address NEVER trust such a web site