Sunday, February 27, 2005

I really enjoyed the film Nói albínói made in Iceland in 2003.
It was shown on BBC Four TV Freeview

It takes place in a tiny village during the endless artic winter and brought many happy memories back of my two and a half winters teaching on the Faroe Islands. The people and their problems are typical of northern Scandinavia and some of the interiors are in authentic bad taste. My guess is that the whole was filmed on location.

Everybody is on first name terms and even the school teacher and the headmaster are addressed by their first names by the children. In a tiny community one name is enough, occupations, nicknames and patronymics identify when you need to distinguish two John.

The film is brilliant study of an undervalued adolescent from a troubled background trying to get control over his life.

Also Known As:
Nói (USA)
Noi the Albino (International: English title)
Google Search: BBC TV "NOI THE ALBINO"

Plot Summary for Nói albínói (2003)

Credited cast

Sigríður Níelsdóttir and at the moment she is working on her fourtieth album.

Friday, February 11, 2005

I picked up the wrong zapper and instead of TV got this :-
BBC - Radio 3 - Mixing It - 11 February 2005:
"Zu vs. Okapi: Beta
(Franco Battiato) (3.15)
Franco Battiato is something of a legend in his home country of Italy, but not so well known elsewhere. A composer, keyboard player and flamboyant performer, he has been likened to Peter Gabriel. This track comes from a tribute compilation put out on the label owned by Italian psychedelic band Jennifer Gentle. Zu are a three-piece from Rome, and they have been collaborating with Italian DJ Filippo Paolini, aka Okapi, since 2000.
Luca Zu (saxophone); Jacopo Zu (drums); Massimo Zu (bass); Okapi (turntables/samples/chaos pad)
album: What's Your Function - a tribute to Franco Battiato
Sillyboy SB007

my kind of stuff

Tim Robinson: Curve (7.45)

This is from a 4-track demo sent in by the Bournemouth-based composer. Mixing It played a track of Tim Robinson's last year called 'I'm coming to eat your babies'. He describes this tune, which consists of digitally treated clarinet, as 'probably the happiest tune I've ever written'.

continuing with good blogging musio

BBC - Radio 3 - Jazz on 3 - Huw Warren and Peter Herbert: "Jez Nelson presents a concert recording of UK pianist Huw Warren and Austrian bass virtuoso Peter Herbert. Part of the eighties generation that came to prominence with the anarchic Big Band Loose Tubes, Warren plays quirky, irreverent music unconstrained by genre category and has been described alongside Django Bates as one of 'the most creative and exciting of emerging new British musicians'. He is joined by Austria's recent jazz musician of the year, Peter Herbert. "

Huw Warren & Peter HerbertRecorded at the London Jazz Festival, November 2004.

but there is quite a big band with a wild trombonist:-

Artist Force Majeure
Title McLaughlin
Composer Gary Husband
Duration 10'12"

Google Search: Force Majeure trombone

Untitled Document: "On the evening of 5th March 2004, one of the most captivating and electrifying drummer/pianist/composer and arrangers in contemporary music today, Gary Husband (Billy Cobham, Level 42, Allan Holdsworth, Jack Bruce, Gary Moore), led his extraordinary all-star cast of some of the worlds most distinctive and ground-breaking musicians through an unforgettable performance of original music at London's auspicious Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Awarded a highly coveted place on the Arts Council of England's Contemporary Music Network touring scheme, as well as a major commission by BBC Radio 3's Jazz on 3, Gary applied his genre-defying and innovative musical vision to bring together for the first time the illustrious Grammy-winning trumpet star Randy Brecker, Mahavishnu legend Jerry Goodman on electric violin, the exuberant Armenian world musician Arto Tuncboyaciyan, rising-star wizard of jazz trombone and bass trumpet, Elliot Mason,
jazz/fusion bass prodigy Matthew Garrison, dazzling maverick keyboardist and producer Jim Beard with Gary himself, directing from the drums and acoustic piano." DVD