Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday 25 March 2005

I woke up at about 3 00 pm feeling refreshed with chunks of Dvorak's Slavonic Dances in my mind - so I put off turning on the TV and after reading the Radio Times magazine settled for a day (night to you people who have hever been a night taxi driver ) of radio listening

yesterday evening had ended with good night drinkies - forbidden under my diet regime but I had needed to relax - white cider 7.5% - cheap over sweet malt whisky and a medicinal herb flavoured schnapps all from Lidl

Auch zu finden unter ! an image of the bottle with the original german label

milder Kräuterlikör ich trinke jagdstolz, weil...
LOL a domain place holder title jagdstolz gemeinde

shopping Jagdstolz 35 Fein und mild - aus wertvollen Kräutern

a herb garden in Vienna from - Infos und Services aus der Wiener Stadtverwaltung


A Passion 4 Radio
A new harmonisation by Antony Pitts of the four Gospel narratives of the last 24 hours in the life of Jesus is interleaved with commentary and interviews from Jerusalem, London and Manchester.

I heard the end of this and one singer had been in the Garden of Gethsmenese

Jazz Legends
25 March 2005
Julian Joseph in conversation with two illustrious members of the Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All-Star Big Band, electric bassist John Lee and trombonist and arranger Slide Hampton.

and that was my bath music - I remembered seeing Dizzy live at Montmartre Jazz Club in Copenhagen.

His blown out cheeks embouchure was always a source of wonderment to we professional teachers of brass instruments.

One of my pupils in Klaksvik had the same natural embouchure which I did not attempt to correct because his cornet tone was beautiful from his first lesson.

[Dizzy Gillespie]

the danes describe suckling infants as having basunkinder that is trombone-cheeks

In Tune
25 March 2005
Sean Rafferty presents a selection of music and keeps us up to date with what's happening in the arts world.

morning afternoon evening

now breakfast of kippers on rye bread and a salad and a lot of tea - and my pills

PS and as I looked up and out east from my seventh flor blog-seat - it was sunset - oh for a photo blog
and when I returned it was moon rise

Performance on 3
BBC Singers/City of London Sinfonia
St Matthew Passion: Part One
JS Bach's St Matthew Passion, BWV 244, performed by BBC Singers, the Finchley Children's Music Group and the City of London Sinfonia, live from London's Barbican Hall.
(Evangelist) ........ Thomas Randle (tenor)
(Christus) ........ Christopher Purves (baritone)
Sarah Fox (soprano)
William Towers (counter-tenor)
Barry Banks (tenor)
Stephen Varcoe (baritone)
BBC Singers
Finchley Children?s Music Group
City of London Sinfonia
Richard Hickox (conductor)

Johann Sebastian Bach: St Matthew Passion, BWV 244, (sung in German)

JS Bach?s mighty setting of the gospel account of Christ?s Passion and death is one of the masterpieces of Western music, and is performed here in a concert live from London?s Barbican Hall. Presented by Paul Guinery.

[Continues at 7.45pm, after Belief]

Michael Symmons Roberts
Series in which Joan Bakewell talks to guests about their beliefs and the influences that have shaped them. This edition features Michael Symmons Roberts, winner of the 2004 Whitbread Poetry Award.

Friday, March 25, 2005 on beliefs and the influences that have shaped them

this was excellent programming by the BBC
because in a church "performance" in around Luther's days there would have been a, maybe, two or there hours sermon at this point

Performance on 3
BBC Singers/City of London Sinfonia
St Matthew Passion: Part Two
Continuing tonight's concert of JS Bach's St Matthew Passion, BWV 244, performed by BBC Singers, the Finchley Children's Music Group and the City of London Sinfonia, live from London's Barbican Hall.
back to my email PS
The BBC is gap filling with Schumann Nocturnes - I think - piano a good contrast for my ears
Night Waves
25 March 2005
The novelist Ian McEwan, author of Enduring Love and Atonement, has been hailed as 'this country?s unrivalled literary giant'.

His tenth novel, Saturday, has recently been published. In this interview, he talks to Paul Allen about a career that began when he shattered the taboos of genteel literary Britain in the 1970s, and continues to go from strength to strength - his last two novels Amsterdam and Atonement won the Booker Prize and the `People?s Booker? respectively.

seems to be a repeat - or was he just retelling the story of his student days?
Out into the kitchen to make morning coffee - at 10 00 pm !
Lidl 100% Arabica blended from Kenia [sic] - Columbia - Guatamala
dutch, better said flemish, spelling I think

Kenia Arabicakoffie

Lidl Bellarom Vanilla
Kaffeepulver mit Vanille-Aroma; Typ: Instant, Koffein: koffeinhaltig,... für Lidl Bellarom Vanilla...
Lidl Bremer Kaffee
Lidl Kaffee Bellarom Amaretto
Löslicher Bohnenkaffe mit Amaretto; Typ: Kaffee, Koffein: koffeinhaltig,... für Lidl Kaffee Bellarom Amaretto...
Lidl Melangerie Xtra Presso Coffee & Milk
Getränk mit Vollmilch, Kaffeeextrakt und einem erhöhten Koffeingehalt 15 mg/100 ml, 250 ml Dose; Typ: Sonstige Kaffeeprodukte, Koffein: koffeinhaltig,... für Lidl Melangerie Xtra Presso Coffee & Milk...
melangerie lidl

A new German law puts deposits on disposable packaging.

Lidl's Melangerie ground coffee is offered in double-vacuum-packs, 2 x 250 g.
Four types of Bellarom instant cappuccino are offered in 200 g cans.
The Bellarom range also has Choco Drink and instant Hot Chocolate. Lidl sells its Granarom instant coffee in glass containers:
Gold Supreme Quality Coffee, Highland 100% Arabica, and - presented in a black glass container -
Pure Kenyan First Class 100% Arabica.

Lidl's tea PLs are Edward Tea, Lord Nelson and Knights Bridge.

also quite good fruit teas
Google images Search: lidl
Performance on 3
Easter At Kings
Haydn's Seven Last Words from the Cross
The festival of music for Holy Week from the chapel of King's College Cambridge
continues with one of Haydn's most intense chamber works, composed originally for orchestra to accompany the Good Friday meditiations in Cadiz cathedral in 1785.

The seven descriptive slow movements are preceded by an overture

Which sounded cold and scratchy to me - senza vibrato of course - more difficult to appear to be in tune

a shorter text - original would be in latin I think

and followed by a dramatic finale, representing the earthquake. In this performance, recorded earlier this evening, the Salomon String Quartet perform the chamber version which Haydn prepared in 1787, with readings from the Gospels
by the Dean of King's College,
Rev Ian Thompson.
Presented by Louise Fryer.

Danish violinist and composer; born in Tondern, Sleswick-Holstein, Oct. 2, 1816; died July 22, 1899, on the island of Dalarö, Sweden; brother of Geskel and Nota Saloman. He received instruction in violin-playing from Fröhlich, Paulli, Wexschall, and J. P. E. Hartmann, and when only twelve years old appeared in public at a concert in Copenhagen

Jazz on 3
Jez Nelson presents a live recording of the powerhouse British jazz rock outfit Partisans, playing music from their new album.

Now almost in their tenth year, the group have lately found themselves in the position of elder statesmen of a burgeoning London jazz scene increasingly influenced by punk. Plus, Jez talks to George Cole about his recent book on Miles Davis? music after 1980 and asks whether his eighties period was a sellout or an artistic success. the latter in my opinion

about 1.00am
made my lunch a mixed salad with cottage cheese on toasted whole meal bread
Letterman on tv was a repeat of the day after the Oscars with the snow mobile going of the ramp too slowly :-(

so back to music with Sky news on the box and the sound off
because it has a good ticker tape
yes I know I can get a news stream on line - but why crowd this 5 year old machine any more

Through the Night
25 March 2005
Part One
With John Shea.
Gounod: Mors et Vita (Death and Life): Sacred Trilogy for Solo Voices, Chorus and Orchestra
Barbara Frittoli (soprano)
Lidia Tirendi (mezzo-soprano)
Zoran Todorovich (tenor)
Davide Damiani (baritone)
Budapest Radio Chorus
Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra
Marcello Viotti (conductor)

simply great !
Gounod went out of fashion in the 1950ies so lets hope he makes a full comeback

Schumann: Davidsbundlertanze, Op 6
Tiina Karakorpi (piano)

Schickhard: Flute Sonata in C
Vladislav Brunner jr (flute)
Herta Madarova (harpsichord)

Moniuszko: String Quartet No 1 in Dm
Camerata Quartet

Crusell: Kalla hander, varmt hjarta (Cold hands, warm heart)
Eeva-Liisa Saarinen (mezzo-soprano)
Pentti Kotiranta (piano)

Mendelssohn: Symphony No 10 in Bm
Risor Festival Strings

Vivaldi: Nulla in mundo pax sincera, RV 630
Emma Kirkby (soprano)
Academy of Ancient Music
Andrew Manze (director) (Encore)

Handel: Sonata in Gm, HWV 390a
Musica Alta Ripa

Bernhard Crusell: Introduction and Variations on a Swedish Drinking Song, Op 12
Anne-Marja Korimaa (clarinet)
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Osmo Vanska (conductor)

Through the Night
25 March 2005
Part Two
John Shea concludes this morning's programme.
Gounod: Mab, reine des mensonges (Romeo et Juliette)
Brett Polegato (baritone ? Mercutio)
Canadian Opera Company Orchestra
Richard Bradshaw (conductor)

Karl Doppler: The Forest Bird, Op 21
Janos Balint (flute)
Jen? Kevehazi, Peter Fuzes, Sandor Endr?di, Tibor Maruza (horns)

Debussy: La Cathedrale engloutie (Preludes Book 1)
Philippe Cassard (piano)

Poulenc: 7 chansons
Swedish Radio Choir
Par Fridberg (conductor)

Moritz Moszkowski: Romance sans Paroles
David Drury (organ)

Saturday 07 30 am still blogging
fixing the side bars - or wrecking them