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kulørte krigsromaner or nazisploitation and Sven Hazel AKA Sven Hassel

Bizarre Magazine: "SVEN HASSEL


The king of naziploitation crushes weaker authors once again
For some years now the books of Sven Hassel - once traded feverishly in every playground across the UK - have been out of print everywhere except Finland. For kids of the 1970s, these luridly titled paperbacks (Legion Of The Damned, Blitzfreeze, SS General), with their even more lurid covers, were their first introduction to the horrors of war. Supposedly based on Sven's own wartime experiences, the books followed the misadventures of the 27th Penal Regiment - a motley collection of deserters, criminals and other undesirables - as they fought their way from France to Russia and back again. Hassel's books were perfect school reading; a world away from the heroics of Saving Private Ryan, they told what it was like to survive the brutality and insanity of the Nazi war machine, helping develop in their young readers a hatred of all forms of authority, a love of cursing and farting, and an awareness of the similarities between sadistic Prussian officers and vicious, sexually repressed physics teachers."

I was really surprised to find some of these available in english, I have read most of them in Danish - there was a book club edition - which are excellent as easy readers for non-native speakers of danish and for a nineteen-fifties soldier like myself the slang seems authentic. Essentially antewar books they only hint at the brutality of it all.

Google Search: "sven hassel" "Cassell Military Paperbacks"

in Danish bookclub edition from Peter Asschenfeldts nye Forlag, bogklubudg. : 1998 14 books

Google Search: "Sven Hazel" site:dk is the alternative spelling
Født: 19-04-1917 1917 Note om navn pseudonym
for Villy Arbing, ved dåben Børge Villy Redsted Pedersen

kulørte krigsromaner or nazisploitation
Google Search: nazisploitation

why now?
because on the Danish Connection we are discussing SS-Obersturmbannführer Christian Frederik von Schalburg

Google Search: Obersturmbannführer Christian Frederik von Schalburg

SCHALBURG, Count Christian Frederik von
Born: 1906 at Poltava, Ukraine.
Killed in Action: 2. Jun. 1942 at Demjansk.

Kdr., Freikorps Danmark: 1 March 1942 — 2 June 1942.
National Youth Leader, D.N.S.A.P
From a wealthy family of Baltic-Germans, who emigrated to Denmark in the wake of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. Became naturalized Dane, serving with the Royal Danish Life Guards as a Lieutenant. He served in Finland with a Danish battalion in the 1939/40 winter war.
Buried, in an elaborate state funeral, with full military honors, Denmark.

Decorations & Awards:
1939 EK I/II Denmark

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BBC - Shropshire - Panoramic image - Ironbridge Gorge - Jackfield - View from the Jackfield Memorial Foot Bridge

BBC - Shropshire - Panoramic image - Ironbridge Gorge - Jackfield - View from the Jackfield Memorial Foot Bridge

This bridge commemorates men from Jackfield who died in the first World War. It was originally opened in 1922 in place of the old Tuckies ferry. In those days it enabled workers from the Coalport China works to cross the river. After extensive renovation, the bridge was reopened in 2000.

River Seven strangely ommitted on the BBC webpage