Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bedst på Nettet

Bedst på Nettet
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


When ever I am in Denmark if I am late to bed - or up at first light when the birds sing - I watch ARD TV for my favourite railway programme Führerstandsmitfahrten.

Die schönstenBahnstrecken Deutschlands (documentaire)


Fliege - Die Talkshow - I hardly understand a word but it is so soothing

Die schönsten Bahnstrecken Deutschlands Führerstands-Mitfahrten
Plauen - Gera - no commentary just background noises:- of wheels, squealing flanges, clicks of relays. his of compressedair brakes, the guard "all clear" , coms radio

Tagesschau - NEWS with pictures I can get the gist of that in any language Bush is Bush for example.

I have to look at text tv page 304 to check the actual running times - often readjusted.

yesterday a wonderful run through morning mists and golden sunshine

running from south to north Greiz towards Gera

from Karte Jena-Gera telehotelführer

the train has just emerged from wooded valleys and stopped at
Stadt Berga an der Elster, Thüringen
and gooes on through a flatter flood plain

A single track line with semaphore signals pointing right like the old tinplate marklin models from before WWII which were "wrong" seen with the eyes of a 10 year old GWR fan.
gauge one US $127.78 today more
Welcome to, the web site of EISENbahn Model Trains, Inc., Michigan's Factory Direct Märklin and Trix Dealer!

just arrived at Gera hbf

Weischlitz an incredible bridge
ok a model but we glimpsed it from below yesterday
Die Göltzschtal- und die Elstertalbrücke im Vogtland

more images

in company with some better known bridges

a good google word Elstertal